A visual theater performance about finding yourself in a situation that in the beginning you thought would be good for you: it’s the challenge you are looking for, you are good at it, or you feel save doing it. But what if you find out little by little that your expectations don’t match the reality? Do you vigorously stick to your ideal image or do you change course?

Merel Kamp deals with this question with three kilometers of rope with which she creates an ingenious installation inbetween trees.

Concept, design & performance: Merel Kamp
Direction: Johannes Bellinkx
Music: Dennis van Tilburg

foto Joris Hol
foto Joris Hol
foto Dennis van Tilburg
foto Joris Hol

Thanks to:

Lars Rodrigues/Poel Bosbouw, Jelmer van der Sluis, Casper de Vries/De Tuin der Lusten, Jeroen Henstra, Jet van Heteren, Maik ter Veer, Bas Mans, Lucas Steenhuis, Touwfabiek Langman, Circo Circolo en Coöperatie Het Domijn

Special thanks to:

Sanne Kamp, Bas Vervoort, Petra Schurer en Irene van Geest

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