Merel Kamp

Merel Kamp creates visual theatre performances; solo or in collaboration with others. She has performed at numerous festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. You can find an overview in the playlist.

Merel Kamp’s work is characterized by a strong visual language, telling a story with a single image.

She graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2005, majoring in Theatre Design. During her studies she started performing with theatregroup Tuig. After her graduation she participated in several performances of other theatre groups, besides her own work.

Merel lives in Amsterdam and works in Weesp. Her atelier is based on Het Domijn, a former marine complex where 45 artists and craftsmen work. Here she creates her new performances and makes the costumes and props for them. Het Domijn exists of 6,5 hectares of land, of which a big part is a forest where she can try out a lot of her outside work.