Bar in a Box

Miranda Kolvoort and Merel Kamp

It is hot, you are thirsty and the bar is far away. Right at that moment a big cardboard box comes shuffeling by. There are three pairs of legs sticking out from underneath, and there is written BAR on it in big letters. Are your prayers being heard?

There is a door in the box, and you can open it.. What are you waiting for? Go in and be surprised!

Bar in a box is the smallest and most cosy bar in the surroundings. Only one person at a time can enter, cause it is already pretty crowded inside. But be careful, not everything is what it seemed to be in this bar..

Concept: Miranda Kolvoort, Merel Kamp and Laura Stam

Play: Miranda Kolvoort and Merel Kamp

Guestplayers: Saar van Gerwen, Mendy Komen and Karin Arts

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